WICH Loves: FED BY WATER review

What happens when three lifelong meat eaters and a vegan walk into a vegan restaurant? They all walk out an hour later immensely full and satisfied.

FED BY WATER is rated by the Financial Times as one of the top five vegan restaurants in London.  The service is attentive and friendly, the atmosphere casual and the décor unsurprisingly edgy. Definitely one to book for a cheeky treat-your-self lunch break if you work in or around Dalston.

The vegan lasagne is delicious – if we didn’t know better, we’d have assumed it was just your ordinary, meat-and-dairy-filled delight.


Each soy mince-filled layer was sumptuously baked, and left barely any room for dessert. However, the hilariously named ‘Tiramisex’ couldn’t be denied, and was equally as delightful. The menu also boasts a range of Italian dishes, burgers and salads.

The fact that these dishes were vegan didn’t make them any less tasty. As a meat-eater, you won’t feel that you’ve missed out on anything by paying this restaurant a visit. And as a vegan, you’ll feel well catered for.

Price: £11.95 for the lasagne


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